MAAM is the only training program in the world that turns motherhood and fatherhood into a master's in key skills for professional growth

Good for parents. Great for business.

More than 40 companies of all sizes already chose MAAM for their people development

Challenging perspectives of parenthood

Being a parent. It’s a job millions do every day. But companies typically see parenthood as a challenge – through the time and cost of absences and missed training, work experience and activities.

It’s time to challenge this stereotype. Why?

Because science shows that people gain new skills and energies when they become parents. These capabilities – including complex problem-solving, creativity, leadership and emotional intelligence – are vital to your business success.

How can you empower parents in your workforce – and unlock new opportunities for your business?

Harnessing the skills of parent employees will help you:

Strengthen your workforce – making it more efficient, creative and successful
Retain talented people – saving you money on recruiting new staff
Enhance your brand – making your company more attractive to recruits and customers

Relational skills

Managing relationships with others, understanding their needs in the various relational dynamics, and knowing how to weave alliances.

Management skills

Organize activities effectively, with a fundamental ability to time and resources management.

Innovation skills

Simplify, grasp the essential to the advantage of effectiveness, governing the unexpected creatively and with new eyes.

How does MAAM work?

MAAM is a digital and life-based training program for parents (both mothers and fathers) of 0-3 year olds. The course includes inspirational videos, readings, exercises with open-ended questions, “real life” missions, interactions within the community, and much more.

Motherhood is teaching me to transfer knowledge and skills, delegate tasks and manage situations.

Jane P.

Mother & Salesperson

Since I became a mother, I am better at managing my time, my priorities and my relationships. My self-esteem increased.

Laura C.

Mother & Community manager

As a father, I train everyday my ability to mediate between people and find out a solution that makes everyone happy.

Claud F.

Father & financial controller

Are you ready to transform parent experiences into business success?